Welcome to "My Own Bookmarks" (MOB)

What is this?
This is a system for storing your favorites/bookmarks online.

Can I use it?
This system has only been tested on Netscape 6+, Mozilla 1.4+ and Internet Explorer 5.5+ for PC. There are no guarantee that it will work on any other configurations. Try at your own risk.

How does it work?
You create your own private account with your own bookmarks.
All data is stored on a central server so you can get access to your links from any machine you like which is connected to the internet.

What do i get?
- A private account for your own bookmarks
- Access to your bookmarks from any computer connected to the internet
- Highly configurable layout using colors and your own graphic
- Posibility to share links with your friends (coming soon)
- Easy navigation using right-click menus

What does it cost?
The system is completely free and will always be. In the future you might have to accept text-banners unless you decide to pay a small fee to avoid them.

© 2003-2010 Flemming Hansen, All Rights Reserved.
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